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“We keep it simple, we keep it fresh, and we rock it.”


The Farm

The job of farming oysters takes on a number of tasks in any number of conditions as we roll with the tides and seasons. Primary tasks include setting eyed-larvae onto shell, maintaining our seed nursery (FLUPSY), transplanting advanced seed to the farm’s tide flats for grow-out, and regularly handling the crop throughout the grow-out process to ensure our oysters always hit the ice looking sexy.


We Focus On The Bay

Being able to harvest oysters for consumption from our Bay is a clear sign that our region and our community are pulling together for something we all believe in and value: clean water. We're just one part of a wide community of people and organizations that treasure our waters from the source to the tide and everywhere in between, but being a focal point for such a critical shared natural resource is a privilege we enjoy at DHO, and a responsibility we take seriously. Clean water is something we all need, deserve, and enjoy, and we are as proud as we are passionate to highlight that need in Drayton Harbor, showing our gratitude for all of the efforts across our Watershed.

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Building Community

We believe that our Oyster Bar and Farm ties the ocean to the land, and ties the people to the ocean. The Drayton Harbor Oyster Bar is that interface where these flowing parts can merge and mingle, sharing and jiving with each other and the product of our local tides. We are stoked to be investing in Blaine, supporting other local businesses in building our burgeoning beautiful downtown core, and hosting and supporting community events wherever we can.



Science - we love it. We're Fisheries Biologists first, with a long history of aquaculture and restoration in Whatcom County.  When we think or talk about our oys and everything related to them, you can rest assured it's based on sound experience and science-based facts. When we’re not shuckin’, farming, or building, we've got our noses in the books, articles, and advances in the industry. For fun, we like to help out our friends in government and academia collect their water quality data too.


Interested in what we do? Contact us for employment opportunities