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Serving: Oysters.


Farm Fresh, Daily.

Gorgeous, delicious, and shucking fresh - and by that we mean they are very, very fresh. They roll off the tides with us in the morning and hit the store just before we open. We have it down to a science, tide to table in less than 13 minutes. They are truly best just the way nature made them, but who does’t love variety? See our menu below for all the ways.


~~~ Farm Reports~~~


Farm Report [Aug 30, 2019]
Raws are Back!
Cooler temperatures have dropped our water temps back to “go” status for our delectable raw smalls and extra smalls! We’re stoked to have these back on our menu, so come catch up on your slurp quota!
Sluuurps Up! - Mark S.


Farm Report [Aug 1, 2019]
Raws on Hold.
Warm waters mean a greater chance of Vibrio in shellfish, and we don’t take chances with your awesome experience at DHO. The temps are up, so raise the cocktail umbrellas but drop the raws. Cooked shellfish doesn’t present a concern, and we’re waiting it out by enjoying our ultra satisfying grilled oysters, old-fashioned oyster stew, Kaisacole shrimp or salmon kabobs, and spontaneous specials.

We temp the oysters at every harvest to make sure they meet safe criteria for raw consumption, so they’ll be back on the bar at the earliest, safe possible minute. Thanks for understanding.
Here’s to takin’ care of you! - Mark S.