Steve Seymour

Steve Seymour resided in Southern California through his early 20’s before relocating to Northern California in order to pursue Fisheries Biology. Steve is a father to four, Gp’a to four, retired fish biologist, retired and unretired oyster farmer, master of the pan fried oyster, and just an incredible dude with an ageless smile. A dream of his in the 80’s when the love was first learnt was to someday have a family-run oyster farm. We’re currently watching it come to fruition.

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Mark Seymour

Mark was born and bred in Bellingham, WA before spending time in Northern California where he pursued Fisheries Biology. An avid fly-fisherman, outdoorsman, carpenter, and soccer nut, Mark turned to farming oysters in 2014 after returning home as it tied together a multitude of activities, passions, and expertise. Shortly after starting the business, Mark fell in love with the gem that is Blaine, WA, and put down his roots to further fuel the passion..


A few of the things we love about this job…

 Working super hard and having tonnes of fun

Love what you do, and love who you work with. Between friends, family, and new friends, our team inspires energy, passion, and authenticity in each other. We want the quality and love of our work and the quality of our oysters to shine through to you. When we come to work, we work hard and have fun.  We like to blur the lines between work and play, forgetting that the barnacle encrusted, sand-in-the-boots / face / hair / how did I get sand there?, salt-water soaked hard work is work, and not play, or is it… come talk oyster philosophy with us over a pint of our local pours.

Gettin’ it done and stayin’ safe while we do it

The safety and well-being of our employees and customers is our number one priority and concern, in the restaurant or on the farm. Our business depends on providing a safe environment and sometimes that means the weather is going to keep us out of the water and the oys in it, or our regular environmental quality checks might have us putting your health first by putting the raws on hold. No worries, there's always other work for the crew to do, and for you, we have taps, grilled oysters and delicious oyster stew.

Our Customers!

We know when people leave home looking for oysters, they're pretty darn happy when they find our oysters and way more things than they knew they could love about DHO.  At DHO we have a passion for creating a warm, welcoming, comfortable and unassuming space where people can literally be magically transported in their experience (that's our one non-science  claim). Our doors are a portal to a carefree place of long moments and luscious indulgence, where good conversation is had, friends mingle, and good memories are made and shared. It's our home, and we want you to come feel at home with us.

Keeping the love and quality in all that we do

Ultimately, we just follow our hearts and do our best work possible - the quality and care we have at DHO shines through at every step. Come on in and love it with us.